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Meet Your Health Coaches

Commitment. Passion. Knowledge.

We share a commitment to our health, a strong desire to help others, and valuable knowledge gained from our personal wellness journeys. Having overcome numerous obstacles in life, we are here to educate and share
our experiences. Our passion is to demonstrate how our minds and bodies are capable of healing.

To discover more about our journeys, download our chapters from the book 'Beating Multiple Sclerosis' by clicking here.


Agota Nawroth

Founder & Health Coach

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Elisa Ferguson

Nutritional Therapist & 
Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Adria Huseth.PNG

Adria Huseth

Functional Dietitian

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Joanne Makwana

Functional Nutritionist

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After struggling for years, I joined Healing 365 to take control of my health. It's been the best decision I've made this year!

Claire B.

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